Aquarium LED Lighting Photos

 pieters-6-meter-reef-tank Pieters 6 meter reef tank with orphek Atlantik LED lighting

Moshik’s 5 stars Reef Central tank

The powerful 5 watt blue LED  Orphek Azurelite- The secret to good reef photography


Public Aquarium LED Lighting Photos

The Blue Planet – illuminated by Orphek LED Lighting  is Europe’s largest and most significant aquarium and the home of 20,000 animals from 450 different species; with an exhibition area of 5,000M2 divided into 8 sections and 53 aquariums and installations

Marvell reef Aquarium 7000G – Orphek PR156 Before : 20,000 watt metal halides ,  After : 24 x Orphek PR 156 TOTAL 2640 watt  – energy saving 18,000 watt !  savings of $6,411.16 per year  !


The word’s most famous 7 stars luxury hotel located in downtown Dubai displaying a 5m deep Aquarium with Orphek Led Lighting.

Orphek Atlantik V2.1 LED aquarium Lighting

Adrian Reef Tank with Orphek LED lighting

Mix Photos under Orphek  LED Lighting

MACNA 2013