reef a palooza orlando 2014 photos

reef a palooza orlando 2014 photos

orphek grils reef a palooza orlando 2014 photos

Welcome to Mia and Darron, the newest members of the Orphek family. Here they are with their new Orphek Atlantik.

Mia Darron orphek Atlantik RAP orlando 2014 reef a palooza orlando 2014 photos

Spectrometer testing at RAP Orlando 

Spectrometer-testing-at RAP-Orlando-24-04-2014

PAR  testing at RAP Orlando


PAR-TEST-at-RAP- Orlando-2014

The New Orphek Atlantik C !


Orphek booth is booming!


Orphek-booth-is- booming

reef-a-palooza-2014-photos reef-a-palooza-2014  reef-a-palooza-orlando-2014-Orphek

Orphek-booth-is- booming Aquarium-Led-Lighting-Orphek-RAP-2014 Led-aqiarium-lights Orphek-booth-in-blue

New Orphek Helix 5000 protein skimmer


New Orphek Atlantik Compact


Raffle fun

reef-a-palooza-Raffle-fun-orlando-2014-04-26reef-a-palooza-orlando-2014 reef-a-palooza-felix-steph

Day 1 – setup_opening

RAP Orlando Rap Orplado orphek reef a plooza

PR 72 LED RAP orlando setup_opening DIF 100 at RAP Orlando RAP orlando setup_opening LED par test PAR test RAP orlando


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