Orphek is proud to be committed to customer assistance excellence!


If you have any question regarding any of our LED Lighting Solutions, Orphek provides online Technical Support, answering to inquires from all over the world. From technical details about the products; payment, shipping and tracking of your purchased order (PO); to installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of your Orphek Led Lighting Solution, we offer you full support.


Our consultants, representatives and all professionals involved in the company-customer relationship understand the client’s priorities and are trained to provide full support and personal/customized services from the first contact. We are committed to reach successfully all our client’s expectations.


If you have questions regarding technical information or general inquires about our products BEFORE placing an order, you can contact an Orphek Worldwide Customer Advisor at


If you have any questions regarding installation, maintenance or troubleshooting of your purchased Orphek unit, please notice that Orphek has a standard assistance procedure that must be followed by all clients who have purchased our products:


Please contact us at with the following:


Basic Product Information: date & place of purchase, model and serial number of your Orphek unit, proof of purchase, copy of invoice, proof of delivery in perfect conditions, photos of the damage (good quality & focus), and full description of the damage.


Basic Client Information: full name, full address and phone number for contact.




Orphek offers local support in many regions such as USA, Canada, Israel, UK, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Brazil and Switzerland.

Please kindly contact us at with the basicinformation requested above, and a local assistant close to your region will contact you!


If you have purchased your product from a dealer, local store or online shop – contact them directly for assistance.

Distributors, retailers and shop owners carrying our products are required to hold a minimum stock of units/parts for replacement if needed. They are also required to provide technical support to their clients in order to answer questions, give guidance and assist in the proper use and maintenance of our units. They should be contacted first, but you can also contact us at time at



Orphek clients are definitely our most important assets, therefore we are 100% committed to their satisfaction. We invest in customer assistance efficiency because our clients have real value!