Gallery Marine Reef Aquarium Photos

Aquarium LED Lighting

orphek aquarium led lighting Gallery Marine Reef Aquarium Photos

Adee´s reef aquarium

Gianluca outstanding Reef Aquarium

Top 5 at MACNA 2014

Top 5 at MACNA 2014 Orphek

sps Aquarium led orphek

Orphek Azurelite- The secret to good reef photography

The powerful 5 watt blue LED makes not only night viewing of reef tanks easier, but can also to be used to add pizazz to daytime photographs.

Reefapalooza Orlando

is one of the most important saltwater events of the year with more than 100 exhibitors. 5000 visitors visited Orphek booth!

Orphek at  Reef a palooza Orlando  April 2014 


The Marine Aquarium Expo (MAX)

is one of the largest consumer events for the aquarium hobbyist in North America. Orphek Led Lighting booth was positioned at the prime location becoming the most visited site and the central attraction of the show.

 Orphek at Marine Aquarium Expo April 2014


The Blue Planet

is Europe’s largest and most significant aquarium and the home of 20,000 animals from 450 different species; with an exhibition area of 5,000m2 divided into 8 sections and 53 aquariums and installations:

illuminated by Orphek LED solutions.


Marvell 7000 G Reef Aquarium , 6 foot deep  Aquarium

Before : 20,000 watt metal halides   ,  After : 24 x Orphek PR 156 TOTAL 2640 watt  – energy saving 18,000 watt !  savings of $6,411.16 per year  !

Marvell reef Aquarium 7000G – Orphek PR156

LED-Aquarium-Lightaquarium led lighting

Coral Tank from Canada (1350 gal Display Tank) with Orphek Led lighting 


Coral Tank from Canada (1350 gal Display Tank) with Orphek Led lighting

Pieter van Suijlekom’s Reef Aquarium , Light Orphek DIF100 XP 18K and Orphek Atlantik

Gallery Marine Reef Aquarium Photos

Pieters 6 meter reef tank with orphek dif 100 and atlantik



The word’s most famous 7 stars luxury hotel located in downtown Dubai displaying a 5m deep Aquarium with Orphek Led Lighting.


burj-al-arab Hotel with Orphek Lights



The outstanding Sambil Archway Tank is the largest tropical aquarium in the Caribbean, displayed in Sambil shopping mall in the Dominican Republic. A 15,000 gallons home of 500 fish illuminated by Orphek

Adrian Reef Tank with Orphek LED lighting

Mix Photos under Orphek  LED Lighting

PR72 LED Freshwater Planted

Moshik’s 5 stars Reef Central tank

with beautiful SPS & LPS dominated aquarium with Orphek Led Lighting. One of the most beautiful and famous private marine aquariums in Israel exclusively illuminated by Orphek.


Moshik Reef with orphek-pr156

MACNA 2013





reef-a-palooza 2013